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Title: Pirate Bride
Matsuke says:I love the sexy outfits that look NOTHING like wedding dresses in this game. xD
But seriously the fashion is really cool in this game.
I HATE the male character :c males always look stupid with marriage dress up games...
I hate that
;A; why can't dolls have hot husbands? My Gosh.

Mini-Jen says:I agree completely with Julie! Great dresses they looks weirdly cool and sexy ahaha and the husband was hidious lol xD

NationalLoser says:Aaaaww am I the only one who thinks the husband is adorable? Yes? Okay. I love pirate fashion, first of all, and so I really enjoyed the combinations. Everything is so detailed and amazing and just gorgeous <3

shelby says:aw i liked this game! the outfits are really neat and i absolutely love the hair choices for her!! : )

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