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Title: Beach's Fashion
Mini-Jen says:This Game is one of my favorites! I loved the hairs they were amazing! and there was alot of cute swimsuits! And alot of great accesories too! In all loved it great game! :D

NationalLoser says:This was a really cute, light and summery beach game. I loved all the different swimsuits, and jeez, would you look at all those pretty shoes? The only things that bugged me were the fact that that you can't put the shorts on without covering up the hand, and that really weird text in the middle of the game.

Craftyreader says:I liked it okay, these dolls are always adorable & I love the hair options. But it had a bit of a glitch; the clothes kept falling through & stuff. Anyway, the clothes were just "okay", but the doll is adorable as awlays and I'd love more games like this. :)

shelby says:This doll is really really cute! The clothes are okay, but the hair is great. I was sad about not being able to put shorts on without hiding the hand.

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