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Title: Women Hat Fashion
JadeSkellington says:Well this isn't a bad game, but I wouldn't call it my favorite on this site. I like a few of the hats, but I wish there were a couple more clothing options or you could change her hair color. 2.5/5 is what I'd rate it.

NationalLoser says:Wow, I've never seen a dressup game like this. Hats are definitely an interesting thing to focus on, and I think this game does it well. I love the variety in the hats and the detail that goes into them.

Matsuke says:Um... this is new.
I've never seen a dressup game mainly for choosing the hat. It's a little boring, a better idea would be to design your own hat, different parts and color and patterns.
Also hair color choice is a must.
Fashion choice is fine.

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