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Title: Turkey Sandwich Decotation
Mini-Jen says:This is so coool!! You can even choose how burnt your bread is and how your cheese melted! Very cool!

JadeSkellington says:This is a fun game to play when your bored (like I am right now haha) I like how you can choose different types of bread, the type of cheese, how the onions are cut, how the tomatoes look, and so on. Pretty good for a food decorating game c:

Craftyreader says:At first, I thought, "How many options can you have for a turkey sandwhich?" Well. Now I know. xD It's actually a fun game and great for if you're bored. But I'm hungry now. c:

princess adorable says:i think this game is boring but at the same time it keeps you hungry i really wish i was in the game

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