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Title: Kyla Fashion Makeup
Matsuke says:I really like this company's games xD They're so good.
Even though it's a makeup game, and clothing isn't really the main part of the game, there should be more hairstyles, because it's kinda in a way similar to makeup.
Like o_o you have to style it and stuff, just like makeup
o.e if you get what i'm saying?
.__. yeah

queensanjana says:wow! kool doll!
so cute nd luv her style!!!
this quality of game is so awesum!!! yaa i agree with liveandlove want new hairstyles!!
thats al!

JadeSkellington says:I quite like this game c: Although I do agree with liveandlove that there should be a few more hair options. But I still like it ^^

shelby says:I love makeup games soo much. This doll is really cute. I like the hair & makeup, but not a big fan of the clothes.

Craftyreader says:This has to be the cutest doll, ever. Her face is so adorable & she looks realistic, in a way. I love the hair and the clothes! (:

derpfaec. says:the hair options are cute, but there could have been a little more options. the style is really cute, too.

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