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Title: Alicia Fashion Makeup
Matsuke says:I really like this company's games! They're very cute, and stylish, and give plenty of choices. Though there isn't a dark skin choice xD

JadeSkellington says:I absolutely adore the hair and clothing in this one. This company does make really good makeup/dress up games! I just wish that you could have an option to take off the jewelry (earrings/bracelets/necklaces) so you don't have to reset the entire doll to re-do it.

KARA says:Super adorable. Oh and did anyone notice the outfits and hair are from the Girls Generation - Gee music video? LOL

Craftyreader says:asdfghjkl; SHE HAS MY NAME OMG.

Um, I think the doll is cute. She's much prettier than me, even if she does have my name. xD The hairstyles are awesome, the clothes are adorable, the earrings are pretty and the makeup is beautiful. I love it! :3

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