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Title: Erica Fashion Makeover
j00ntree. says:For once a doll that has my exact skin tone!
I love how this doll has more realistic eyes compared to the others, although I do love my big eyes too!
The outfits aren't in my taste, but overall the graphics are lovely and the jewelry selection is great.

JadeSkellington says:Very cute, I really like the artwork in this and the doll is very nice. The jewerly selection is pretty good and the makeup selection is also very nice. I'd rate this 4/5 ^^

JadeSkellington says:Oh woops, I meant to say jewelry not jewerly ^^; Me and my typos xD Anyways yeah, I do really like this game though. Very nicely done <3

shelby says:This one is so cute! I love the hair, makeup options, and even the accessories. This is one of my favorite games so far. :)

Matsuke says:Very fashionable, and attractive character! Cartoony but in a way realistic, and a great doll with plenty of choices.

Craftyreader says:Pretty good game. A few of the clothes were pretty cute, the hairstyles were nice & the makeup was fun. (:

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