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Title: Minnie series
Matsuke says:Kissing games are kinda weird, it's like a game for lonely people or something xD Wait.. why am I playing this then? o.e

Mini-Jen says:hahahha Julie Lololol xD hahahahahha that made me laugh so hard xDD

Mini-Jen says:The game is kinda weird, but if you like kissing games then like go ahead. the couple kiss and the dogs cuddle xD but dont let the dad see you xD

Craftyreader says:Well. The people have cute faces. :p Yeah, I know, kissing games are kind of for lonely people\a waste of time, but I figured I might as well check it out. xD

Alley~Senpai says:Kissing games are for lonely people I really agree but I guess I might as well check out this WEIRD game XD

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