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Title: Stylish Cutie
JadeSkellington says:This one is okay, it could be better. The skin color is kind of odd, it kind of looks pink-ish. The jewelry could be a bit better, the hair is okay but I only like one or two of them, the clothing is okay, and the artwork is okay. Overall I think it's sort of average. I just wish there was an option for you to remove something like the necklaces or hats. I'd give this a 2/5 so it's kind of meh, but not totally bad.

Matsuke says:This doll is sooo adorable! The skin color is a little odd, but it's fine. A couple eye colors are a little wacky making the doll look freaky, but with the right colors it's really cute. This doll reminds me of summer, I guess because of the fun casual fashion.

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