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Title: Taj Mahal Tourism
XxiTsBaRbiiExX says:Wow This Game is really impressing!Some Clothes are Cute-RARE- Overall I enjoyed the game. I Dont Like having to press buttons, I like a simple grab and place where you want.

Matsuke says::O I've never made a review on this game? SHAME ON ME!

I LOVE the character in this game :3 she's so cute, and I love the pose. Though the clothing isn't very.. mixable? In a way it is, but not a ton. :D But the design for the clothing is REALLY pretty!
I also love the hair choices for this game :c but a couple don't fit on the head correctly, like the do, but there's a small gap xD

JadeSkellington says:The graphics in this game are pretty good and some of the clothes are cute. The pose and doll is cute. I agree with liveandlove though on the hair. Some of the options don't really fit the doll's head right. There seems to be a small gap where the chin/neck is for some of the hair styles. Overall I'd rate this 3.5/5 ^^

candypop397 says:i really dont like how my character looks and i dont like her pose sorry but she would be in first for a miss ugly pagent

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