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Title: Desert Elf Dress Up
j00ntree. says:I really love the color scheme of this doll, it really gives her a mystical/magical look. The corals and shimmery orange/gold look great. You really have the ability to mix and match with this doll. The background reminds me of something like The Scream, The Persistence of Memory, or The Sleeping Gypsy.

Matsuke says:I love the outfits! Very detailed and pretty! I love the long flowing red hair, makes the doll more dramatic. Do you think you can make a more realistic doll? One with a thinner head, bigger neck, and slightly smaller eyes. (Like and realistic-anime)
It's my favorite style and would love to see one made!

GrotesqueVanity says:I really like this doll. The outfits are so nice on this one. The only thing I really have wrong with these dolls are that you can't change skin tones and eye colors, etc. I feel like that would really make these games pop.

Girl bravo says:I love this doll no lie. The outfits are to die
for her hairs are so amazing and glorious
but the truth is that i'm just saying this so the person who made this won't fell bad to tell you truth this is how I fell about this game this game sucks I can't even play it heck I can't even see nothing on the screen no kidding can you please fix,this game then I'll rate it five stars for know its no stars for know

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