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Title: Theatre on the beach
j00ntree. says:This is a very cute game!
The clothes are very trendy and cute.
However it would be nicer for there to be more outfits. The model's pose looks a little too awkward. And some of the clothes can't match (you can't use the pants with the boots because they go OVER the boots instead of under) .
Overall this doll would be fun to play, and I do want those boots she's wearing! But it's not something to add to my favorites.

*** / *****

Ciaraa says:this doll is really fun to dress up cause it's so fashionable and everything and i also looove the hair :D

shelby says:I think the outfits are really adorable. There are a lot of options to pick from. The hair is very unique.

elfie says:Really nice doll overall, with plenty of trendy and cute options. The hair is my favourite part as it's quite unique and has a range of choices.
I wish there were a bit more of a range for tops and shoes though. And I find the model's pose kinda strange.

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