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Title: Edy Tours Brazil
Anna says:This is a fun doll because it is based of a real person, those are always my favorites. Anyone can be a doll! this one is extra special because this is a good person as well!

Jonathan says:

XxiTsBaRbiiExX says:This Game Is Cool, Making it based on a real girl.

This really gets me because it actually looks like Her. I'd Like a doll that would look like me. I Give it 10/10.:) Make More With Kind-Hearted People That are Pertty Inside and Out.

Matsuke says:Wow~ A doll based on a real person xD that's really cool! I really like the fashion choices for this one :]

j00ntree. says:We need more featured games like this! Where we can see all the clothes at once and just select what we want. I also love how it acts as both a click AND a drag and drop (if anyone else noticed ;)).
The clothes and hair are so cute! And the fact that it's a real person makes it even cooler. :>

GrotesqueVanity says:i love this game.
Overall the set up is amazing, by far my favorite off this site. I like the way you can see all the options, it's very clean looking.

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