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Title: Cool Game
KARA says:I love evrything about this game.
The art, the pose, the hair, the tops, the pants, the accessories, EVERYTHING. <333

NationalLoser says:Very nice game. The clothes are adorable and I really must say, the sparkling eyes are a nice touch. I literally had to do a double take because I was wondering if I was just seeing things, haha. But it's cute.

JadeSkellington says:I really like this, I practically like everything about this. Then again, I always liked Roiworld games c: The art is really good and the tops are probably my favorite part of this. 4.5/5 is my rating for this <3

Matsuke says:Cool doll, the fashion in this game is great, and it has lots of choices. It's bright and cheerful, and I love it. <3

Juliana-Grace says:OMG. everything about this is STUNNING. A lot of amazing choices I can chose from, and the background fits perfectly! i love it <3 5/5

derpfaec. says:i really like the choices in this game. everything about it is cute and i'm particularly fond of the hair. love it. c:

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