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Title: Hot Model's Gesture Capturing
Matsuke says:Wow o_o it's very colorful! Really really colorful.... There isn't much else to say besides :3 That I like the fashion choices

Mini-Jen says:I like this game it has alot of cool clothes and a lot of options and the doll is like punk/rocker/emo sorta ish whatever u wanna call it

JadeSkellington says:Well this is definitely my kind of dress up. Lots of colors oh yes ~ So basically I really, really like this. It's one of my favorites ♥ I love the hair the doll has and the clothing choices are just too awesome <3 Definitely my style c: I'd rate this 4/5 :3

Rae says:Oh yeah, wow. Lots of color, no doubt there. Everything is very bright and neon-y. Its pretty cool, Im just having a hard time finding things that match.

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