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Title: Fariy So Fresh
elfie says:This is a really nice doll.
I like the hair, accessories and the shoes. There's lots of colour choice and variety between each one. She's very cute, and the hairs really go with her character, her pose is nice too.
The clothes are a little disappointing, as there are tops that have no matching bottoms, and some tops/bottoms are so obviously meant to go with each other that they look wrong with anything else.
Overall, nice and different but needs more variety.


shelby says:this one is cute and has a lot of matching options, but it might be a little better if you could mix and match the clothing instead of having clothes that only go together with certain pieces

Wildthings says:Items everywhere makes it look very messy, cluttered. Idk if it's supposed to be "Fairy" or "Fariy"?

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