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Title: Hermione Granger Dress Up
j00ntree. says:Very cute doll, but it doesn't seem like Hermione at all. I find the options to select different underwear unnecessary and many of the clothes and accessories don't line up properly. Most of the hair look awkward of the model and although the graphics are cute, the outlines and shading seem to be blurry.
Overall I'd give it two stars out of five.

JadeSkellington says:The artwork is nice but most of the hair options aren't very Hermione-like (example: the frizzy/extremely curly one is not a hair that looks like something you would see on Hermione) The ponytail one is sort of okay but I think the one that you start out with is the one that looks the most like Hermione. I agree with derpfaec on the underwear thing, don't find that necessary either. Some of the clothes look like the ones she would wear in the movies though. I would rate this a 3.5/5, it's not that bad but it isn't that great either and could use more options and work done.

Matsuke says:It doesn't really look like Hermione, but I see the resemblance. The choice of underwear isn't really needed o_o besides if an old dude was playing this game...
That's disturbing.
A couple clothing choices don't line up with the doll all that great.
The clothing choices are cute, but there aren't really many to choose from.
Not a bad doll, but not great.

KARA says:I love that artwork and that's all that matters.
Oh and dat underwear is faaaaaaaabbb. But no srsly, it doesn't look like Hermione :c

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