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Title: Princess Of India
NationalLoser says:I find the title a bit misleading. Princess of India implies that it is a cultural Indian doll, but these outfits look suspiciously like the Disney Princesses. Now don't get me wrong, they're gorgeous outfits and I just adore the way they're colored, but I would consider changing the title.

JadeSkellington says:I agree with NationalLoser, the title is pretty misleading. It should be re-named to "Disney Princesses" or something like that. Other then that, this is pretty cute and I like the detail in some of the dresses (especially that white one and the yellow one with the ruffled skirt)

Mini-Jen says:I agree i thought it had to do with Indian culture but it was like disney princess outifts but i thought it was still nice because the outfits were very cute

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