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Title: Enjoy peaceful
Matsuke says:Roiworld games are always cute, but this game shined with it's cute and casual fashion and adorable doll!

Mini-Jen says:I loved this game! I agree the doll was so adorable! And the clothes in this game where so pretty! As always i am in love with the hairs <3

NationalLoser says:This was an excellent game. The styles are so cute and summer-y, and I loved the collection of hair. I also enjoyed all the little accessories.

Craftyreader says:I LOVE these type of games. Roiworld makes the best! I love the hairs (it took me forever to decide) and I'd so wear the clothes. I love the little plaid top! Oh my gosh, I would play games like this all day. c:

sousouffle says:very cute doll, and i love the amount of different clothes and accessories we get! this game is also super relaxing and the casual setting and clothes are super cool

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