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Title: Love Connection Dress
Rae says:This game is really awesome. The clothes and everything are really cute and awesome. I also like the way its set up to where you just click the item and it appears on the doll. Very simple and amazing.

Matsuke says:Cute! the fashion choices and art work is very nice, though a dark hair color would be good, since it's all but one were light hair colors.
Overall I think this is a great doll :]

JadeSkellington says:I like this one. The artwork is very nice and the hair is well done, the clothing options flow together nicely where it doesn't look like one article of clothing is out of place. It's true that it would be nice if there was a dark haired option and I wish there were more options in general but overall it's very, very nice.

shelby says:This doll is so cute! I like the hair a lot, and the outfits! It was very fun and had lots of options.

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