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Title: Pink Emo
Matsuke says:This game has SO many colors to choose from: Pink or black. Haha xD But the style is cute, it's easy to mix it all. I wish there were more hair styles to choose from though :c

Meow. says:Liked the Clothes. Did not like the Jewelery or Hair. And like Julie said...Lots of colors to choose from Lol!

Rae says:It was okay. I like dressup games that have a lot of cute clothes, which there were ome in this one. But I have a hard time enjoying DU games if I dont like any of the hair. Which I didnt. But that could just be me.

Juliana-Grace says:This game is my favorite because there's a lot of stunning clothes you get to chose from. It would be much better if we have more jewelry and hairstyle.

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