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Title: Funk Rock Star
Matsuke says:This one is really cool and punk/rockerish :]
I wish there were a couple more options though :c
Other than that I really like it :]

j00ntree. says:This is so cute!
The graphics area really nice! I love the different outfits and the hair is just so pretty. Like liveandlove said before, I wish there were a bit more options. That way I could just play all day. :3

Rae says:I love this game! Everything is just really off-beat without being too weird. The hair, clothes and accessories are all very appealling to me.

queensanjana says:wow!! awesum doll..
this one has a great collection of dresses ...
nd i LOVE the shoes nd the guitar!!

JadeSkellington says:I really like this, the clothes are really nice and appeal to me and the hair is cute. I wish that there were a few more options, but other than that I'd rate this 4/5 Really nice (:

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