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Title: Gothic Lolita Fashion
Matsuke says:Cute~ I liked the syles for these. The hair choices were coolio ;D except for one, one I didn't like 0_0 everything else is pretty cool ;D

Gossamer says:I agree with Julie, I'm actually rather surprise at how good lolita art for dress-up sites turn out.
I also agree with the hair statement, but I also don't really care for a few of the articles of clothing. But overall, pretty good.

JadeSkellington says:I really liked this, especially considering the fact that I'm into the lolita fashion. The hair is pretty nice, but there were a couple that I wasn't a huge fan of but besides that, I really like this.

parker. says:This is the cutest doll ever. *_* I love all her clothes and hair designs - they really fit with the Lolita fashion.

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