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Posted: Jul 26, 2013 12:46 PM

I was so so so excited for this movie I love x-men and the wolverine is my favorite x-man I love him so much I was so so excited

and then the movie was pretty good, like the female characters were strong and the action was fantastic

and then it all got RUINED by the plot twist????????

OKAY so logan saved a soldier from the nagasaki explosion a while back, someone who grew up admiring him and deemed them both friends, even starting a legend about the wolverine in japan and telling his grandchildren that no matter what, the wolverine will protect them and I thought that was really cute and honorable and I really liked that, like it shows just how logan has affected people’s lives in ways he couldn’t even imagine

and then he just throws everything away and betrays logan all for the sake of immortality?? Like idk, I take my friends very seriously, and I thought the movie was practically mocking friendship, like saying that some people will be very kind and loving and feel very strongly about their friends and then turn on them for some selfish reason like staying alive forever, and that they will be willing to KILL their friends without blinking, and it just made me sick. I was really really liking the movie, the action was good and logan was making new friends and I loved the female characters, but then that happened and the entire thing was ruined and I almost cried in the theater and now I never want to watch it again.

super disappointing and I know I'm probably just overreacting but I just can't help it, I just take friendship so seriously, you know what I mean?
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