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Posted: Feb 20, 2013 03:51 PM

took a small break from chemistry to expand the essay I wrote this morning a little bit because I am so frustrated by everything right now

Just think about it. It's everywhere. All the "I hate school" and "school stresses me out" and "I don't want to go to school" "I hope school is cancelled"

It seems like nobody likes school. And why should they? I mean, hey I used to be that one obnoxious kid that wanted to go to school because I just loved learning so much, because you know what learning is great, and yes that's the main premise of school. School was invented so kids could learn. And that's what I did. Until high school, when I found out that the basis of school had shifted away from making sure kids got an education and towards the stiff competition of trying to make our kids better than ours. Oh our school has higher test grades. Oh our school gives out more homework so our kids learn better.

I find it so intriguing that nobody likes school and yet we are forced to engage in it. We wake up and we go somewhere we hate to learn about things we hate and take hateful tests every day. We dread six hours of our lives every day Monday through Friday, and if you're me, Saturday and Sunday too depending on how much homework teachers decide to vomit all over you. We go to school for six hours, come home, and instead of engaging in personal activities, what do we do? Homework. For what? School. Our lives revolve around school. We base our vacation schedules around school.

School makes it so difficult for children to live, to be honest. School has cleverly designed a system that will punish children for being sick and make them wish they had shown up vomiting and feverish all day just so they wouldn't miss what teachers call 'valuable learning time'

And then we take tests that have no correlation to our level of intelligence. Let me just say, I am not smart. I can derive functions to the fifth degree and calculate a solubility constant with ease but I cannot for the life of anyone navigate through my own school's hallways. I am so indubitably stupid when it comes to spatial intelligence and street smarts. I still don’t know what a deductible is. I suck at crosswords and puzzles and riddles and other things that people associate with high intelligence. People look at me and, because I'm in five AP level classes, believe I do Sudoku in my spare time because that's what they associate intelligence with, but in fact the number of AP classes I take has absolutely no effect on how I can match an image to the same image twice flipped and rotated sideways.

Then there's the issue of segregating students based on their intelligence level. Who do you suppose is going to get the classroom with the most technology-a teacher who teaches standard students or a teacher who teaches AP? The answer, of course, is that the school will offer technology to AP classes before others because those are the prime pedigrees of the school. Yes, this is what we invest our money towards. The AP level students, the glory of America, those who will go on to achieve great things. And then what? I can't tell you how many of my friends have dropped out of AP classes or dropped out of the STEM program because they just couldn't take the pressure. All the teachers in their face about their potential. All the strict discipline that was expected of them. I've literally watched my friends shake and have panic attacks over homework. One can't watch that and think there's nothing wrong with the educational system.

Why do students complain? Is it really because they’re all lazy bastards who hate learning so much? Well, maybe less than one percent. I know for a fact that when I complain, it is never about how much I don’t want to learn. Because I do want to learn. I love learning so much. I love learning all sorts of things, like history and science and the history of science. I’m that obnoxious kid that watches documentaries on the science channel in her free time because there’s nothing I love more than learning new things. However, I hate school just as much as the next kid, and it obviously has nothing to do with whether I’m lazy or not. I’m not exactly sure why I, or thousands of other students, hate school. Perhaps it’s the stress involved with studying for tests. Perhaps it’s waking up at five am every morning. Perhaps it’s six hours of homework every night. Perhaps it’s the threat of school being useless unless I end up doing something productive with my life. Perhaps it’s the fear installed into my mind from the first day of third grade by my teachers who told me I would be homeless and unsuccessful if I failed this test. Perhaps it’s the constant feeling of slowly losing my childhood with each chemistry problem. Perhaps it’s the three hours of sleep I get every weeknight. Perhaps it’s the fact that, despite my gradual increase of knowledge, I feel myself growing even more stupid because, let’s face it, the ideal gas law won’t help me calculate my taxes later on in life. Perhaps it’s the way I feel like a puppet being manipulated at the hands of my teachers. I don’t know why I hate school. But I know it’s not because I don’t love learning.

Really, I could write an entire book on why kids hate school. I could write an entire chapter about the psychological damages students encounter when they are tormented by this daily pressure to exceed the best they can do. I could write about how in spite of everything school does not actually increase the spatial intelligence level of its students. I could talk about how, despite health charts indicating that teenagers should get nine hours of a sleep a night in reality a majority are lucky if they get five hours. I could discuss the alarmingly increasing rate of diagnosis of depression and anxiety in newer generations, or the disturbing lack of self-esteem students gain throughout the course of their high school careers. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a post on tumblr about someone wanting to commit suicide over school, an ideal that is supposed to enrich children’s lives, I could probably buy the entire American education system.

One can’t listen to ninety percent of all students complain about school and think there’s nothing wrong with the world we live in. It’s not just a coincidence. Every morning on my twitter feed I brace myself for the inevitable “I hate school” posts. Every afternoon I am graced by complaints of “I have sooo much homework.” A lot of people think that kids exaggerate when they ‘have sooo much homework’ but in reality, very few of us exaggerate. We really do just have sooo much homework.

So why would adults force this hell upon the younger generation? Wouldn’t they remember how much high school sucked? Throughout high school one’s brain becomes developed enough to start to wonder. “Yeah this is good, but what if we changed this.” As the older generation went through school, they came up with ideas to make their school better. “Oh, if I were ever a principal, I’d do this instead.” And thus, when they entered the workforce, they could make their dreams a reality by imposing their ideas onto the younger generation. “Oh, high school can’t be so bad,” they say. “It wasn’t hard when I was a kid.” Indeed, but then again adults tend to forget that the American education system, in order to compete with steadily climbing countries like Finland and China, has cracked down on their students in a stricter, more extensive method than ever before. High school might not have been bad for them, but it certainly is for us. I would love for an adult to step back into the shoes of a high school student in today’s era. I think it would quite an eye-opener to videotape his/her reactions. And if I could print out a list of every time a young teen has made a post about how much they want to kill themselves over their grades, perhaps adults would finally see how their so called “improvements” to the education system actually affect our students.

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Posted: Feb 21, 2013 07:17 PM


Can you put this on tumblr so I can reblog it a million times??? Srs everyone needs I read this.
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Posted: Feb 21, 2013 08:54 PM

This is honestly my most favorite thread.

Like, ever.

Bless you. <3
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Posted: Feb 22, 2013 01:26 PM

omg okay I'll put it on tumblr
Let's be 1905 but not 1917

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