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Posted: Dec 27, 2012 04:06 PM

~*~ I had my story "Trembling" on CDE but now i'm writing a new one, so i'll post it here too. It's probably not gonna be that great but hope you all like it. I've never written sci-fi but i'm gonna try it out~*~
:Edit: Just realized italics didn't copy from where I originally wrote this in. Sorry don't feel like fixing:

Ch. 1

"Get outta' there," I said, fingers typing madly, checking status updates, checking codes, making sure the system wasn't about to crash, "Any day would be nice." I added.
"Kinda working on that," was the response I heard in my headset. I couldn't see at all what was going on, but I could hear running, breathing, and explosions.
And no not the epic slow-mo walk away explosions, hundreds of little appliances were crashing on the spot, even my Lite-Boord was acting funny, which was usual but still I was never happy to expirience that.
My eyes flickered from control panel to control panel.
"This isn't exactly the best time to be working on something," I growled, "Get out of there, Seb." I said again. The radars where going so fast I couldn't even keep up, the control numbers were nearly meaningless now and I had no control over the system at all to keep it in any semi-decent, not as life threatening state.
It was quite a simple situation, but somehow this happened? I'll explain later.
My headset went quiet, that part always made my heart stop for just a split second, in worse situations, the silence would seem like minutes, although, the longest i've ever had to wait for a recovery state was maybe a few seconds. The systems were pretty up to date, especially my equiptment, being the best I could possibly get my hands on.
Static flooded back into my ears, a few rumbles, but then back to quiet, although feedback was still heard. Mission hopefully went through, if not it wasn't the end of the world completely.
"Welcome back," I said, a sarcastic smirk was on my face, though not like Seb could see.
"Who are you? Where am I? W-who am I?!" Seb jokingly (and horribly) acted, it was a joke I fell for the first time, never again would I let that happen. There were only a few times where a collision landing had made a subject loose their memory, and most of them were glitches in the system, do to poor monitors.
"Rose, your baby sitter." I said mockingly, "No wonder you mother doesn't take you anywhere."
He groaned, "Report, underling." I cringed at the word, he'd never let me forget.
"Damage, minimum. System damage..." I quickly hid a laugh,"Destroyed. Time, twenty-one minutes, five seconds. Status complete."
"Where you at? Let's get icecream." Seb said, surprised I quickly unplugged sofware and junk from my main system, quickly stuffing it in my bag.
"I'm actually late, I forgot I promised my parents i'd be home early to watch over my sister."
I narrowed my eyes, even though he couldn't see, "And shouldn't you be reporting that you completed the mission?" I asked.
All I heard was a laugh, quickly he muttered something about it "Not happening" and said he'd see me tomorrow or even possibly later. The transmission cut out, ringing out the droop of a soundwave.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Posted: Dec 27, 2012 04:06 PM

Ch. 2

Quickly at well paced steps, I ran on the sidewalk, clinking of metal in my backpack. Funny how no matter how much equiptment I had in it, my school books were still heavier than the metal. Go figure that one out.
I looked up at the sun, it was still far up in the sky, looked a bit dim today, if that's even the correct way to describe it. Maybe I wouldn't be so late.
I came up on Darvin Street.
Yeah I wouldn't be late if I hadn't passed up my block five minutes ago.
After turning back and sprinting like my life depended on it, I finally arrived home, making a big clash lik every day walking in the door. I wish my mom would get rid of the chimes by the door, they were more annoying than protecting or even soothing.
"Sorry i'm late, i'm home!" I called out.
It was quiet, well, for the most part. The television was turned down low, on my little sister's favorite TV station. I walked into the kitchen to see a note from my parents.
Late like always. We'll be home at 8. Heat up leftovers and make sure Scarlett goes to bed before we get home. Love you.
I put the note down and quickly ran upstairs, "Scarlett, you up here?"
I slowly opened her door to see her passed out on the floor, surrounded by her stuff animals. She must have tired herself out from working too hard... in first grade.
I walked around the mess of toys to grab her blanket and drape it over her.
It accidentally missed most of her body, but it covered her head, so it was close enough. She'd probably wake up and get angry from that. I thought it'd be a fun joke, probably would get me in trouble but whatever. I quietly chuckled as I walked out of the room.
Downstairs I could hear my phone on vibrate, I quickly ran down to shuffle through my bag to find my small e-phone.
One new text.
I opened messages to see the brat had texted me.
Sure you can't get icecream? The text said. I sighed and smiled.
Something was definitely up, Seb had never invited me for a treat after a mission.
Which reminds me, right now would probably be a good time to explain what just happened.
My name is Rose, i'm in my second year of highschool and work part time for an underground time system. I could go weeks without getting an alert to come into the field, but there were some weeks where it was so busy i'd have to skip class.
The time system is basically everything that makes up the world we see. It's all little blocks that make up one really big one. Systems are usually in the shape of a square, they can easily be described as pixels. Some are really big, almost as big as a house, while some are really small, like as big as an average eraser. They can't be seen, because they're almost like the background programming of the world.
Only certain people can see it. Mostly younger people, though there are a few older recruits in the system. An average age is twenty years, so the ability to see the world how I see it is an ability that has been newly discovered.
And for my age, being known as one of the best monitors in my age group (Teen) I was well on my way to be in the hall of best monitors. I would be worshipped for thousands of years after my passing.
Well, I would hope at least. In my dreams I guess you could say.
I ignored the text message and plopped onto the couch, not bothering to change the channel. A few minutes later, my phone didn't go on vibrate but instead was my actual ring tone, it meant instead of a text message I was getting a phone call.
I reached over to see the number, Seb again. I groaned and accepted the call.
"What do you want?" I said in a bored tone. As much as i'd love to go out somewhere after a stressing day I had to stay home.
"What if I brough the ic-"
"No," I said, and hung up. What a pain.
A second later there was a knock at the door, my eyes nearly exploded from their sockets. I angrily turned off the TV and threw the remote on the couch.
Quickly I ran to the door and slammed it open, "Mother of God, Seb, get out of here!" I said, I quickly looked behind me, "Listen my parents may not be here, but I still have to watch my sister."
He rolled his eyes, twisting his hand to hear the crinkling of a plastic bag with icecream containers in it, "That's a nice way to welcome a guest." He said.
I crossed my arms, "You aren't welcome in here, so you aren't a guest."
He quickly looked away then smiled, holding up the plastic bag to me.
"Chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge brownie?" I asked. He nodded.
I waited a moment before I finally stepped aside and smiled, "Screw it, get in here."
But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Posted: Dec 29, 2012 02:11 PM

Ch. 3

Madly scooping at the icecream already, clicking and clashing of spoons and bowls hit the table.
If there was one thing I loved in the whole wide world the most, it was icecream, hands down. Best thing ever.
I didn't even ask if Seb wanted me to serve him some, I just plopped right down in a chair and began to eat. Seb wasn't too bad of a guy, I considered him to be one of the people who knew me best, not one of my best friends though.
"So watcha' come here for?" I said between mouthfuls of icecream, the chocolate chips crunching under my teeth.
Seb smiled and layed back, not even touching the containers to get some for himself. I gave him a questioning look.
"You gonna eat any?" I asked. He shook his head, so I shrugged, "More for me then."
A few minutes passed and I was already on my second bowl, I barely even noticed that Seb had actually gotten up and started looking around. Which reminded me, he'd never been to my house before. Or more of, inside, since it seemed he knew where it was.
"Again, what do you want?" I asked, calming down and finally putting my spoon down, I had forgotten about him for the most part, but he seemed serious when he called me.
He was looking at the photos of my family, most of them were old, there were no pictures of me that were near any time recent. The newest one was when I was still in elementary school.
"Is this one you?" He asked, pointing to the one where I had my hair up in pigtails. I hadn't worn my hair like that in ages, I remembered how much I used to love how it looked. I nodded.
He was quiet for a moment until finally saying, "Haven't changed a bit." He had a playful expression on his face when he turned to me, and stuck his tongue out.
"Ugh!" I said, lightly slapping him on the side of his face, "I'm sure you haven't changed much either, especially with your manners."
"At least I have a sense of humor." He said back.
I looked back around and laughed, "And what, you don't think I have one?"
Leaning against the couch I had been laying on just a few minutes ago he smiled for a moment, until his expression dropped. I leaned against the wall, crossing my arms. I was getting a little bit annoyed by now.
"For the last time Seb, what's up."
He only shook his head, and so I stood there, silent as the night, waiting for him to finally give me an answer.
"I don't have all day," I reminded him, "I have work I need to do and I need to check up on my sis-"
Just then, with perfect timing my sister, Scarlett, came down from the stairs, with her favorite panda stuffed animal in her hand and holding out the blanket I had thrown on her. She had a pouting expression on her face.
"Did you do this?" She asked in her bossy little girl tone. I looked at Seb and then back to Scarlett, only just then did she realize he was here.
"Woah." She said quietly, "Is this your boyfriend?" Instantly I went red faced and fetched the blanket from her.
"You fell asleep on the floor, don't you have school work you have to do?" I put my hands on my hips and looked down on her.
She responded by also putting her hands on her hips and looked up at me, "Don't you know mommy and daddy don't want boys over at this time of day?"
I flinched back, "Well, I- I, it's not-"
Seb turned to Scarlett and kneeled down to her level, "Has your big sister been mean to you?" He said in a baby tone, looking back and me with a mocking expression.
I threw my hands up in the air, "Whatever i'm done."
"Wait til I tell mommy and daddy about you, Rose will get so mad." Scarlett said in a "Look who i'll get in trouble" type tone. I glanced at her with an evil look.
"Scarlett I swear, if you say one word..."
She giggled, running to fetch her blanket back and ran upstairs. I quickly glanced at Seb and then back to the icecream and began to put it all away.
Seb left, with wave, and not a single word, and trying to not think about what my parents would think, I layed back down on the couch, as if none of what just happened actually occured. Back to where I started, only this time, I finally changed the channel to something my age.
My phone began buzzing, another text message.
I'll tell you later.
But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.

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