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Posted: Apr 28, 2012 07:05 PM


I cannot shoot an arrow to a target,
or score a goal in a sports game,
or even muster up the courage
to talk to a stranger.

But I can fight,
and I will kick and scream and claw
my way to the top of the pyramid
before you can even underestimate me.

I cannot out run you in a race,
beat you at a game of chess,
or keep a straight face when I lie
about not having a royal flush.

But I will win,
and not by a tiny margin,
a fraction of a fraction,
but by a landslide.

I will not be pushed down,
forced to work at a level
well below my actual potential.

I will rise up,
higher than the mountains and
the skyscrapers cluttering this sky line.

No longer will I listen to you and your put downs,

your selfish negativity that
stings and clings
to every limb in my body.

Because I am free,
and I have, long ago,
broken these shackles
that bound me
to your expectations.

I am a legend.
the hyungseok to my taejun.

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