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Ch. 1
Quickly I changed out of the tight, ruffled dress into my usual outfit, pants, buttoned shirt, and a coat. I rubbed my face until all eye liner, lipstick, and any other stuff I had on my face was off.

Running up the steps that led to the bar where I worked, I stuffed the high heeled boots and dress and wig in my bag. I opened the door and rose up into a well lit room, filled with laughter, music, and lots of people. Mostly men.

Actually the only woman in the room was the bar owner, my boss.

"Leaving already, Noah?" She asked as I walked around to the front of the counter. I quickly glanced at her but looked away.

"Ay 'mam, I will be headed home now." I answered. It was a lie that I was heading home, I actually didn't have one. Though the boss knew much about me, she didn't know that I was homeless. I avoided telling her, knowing she'd be so kind and offer for me to live at the bar.

But I didn't want to live at the bar, I didn't want to work at the bar.

I was sick of dressing up as a girl and singing, and dealing with all the hairy men. It wasn't the life I wanted, it was the life I was forced into.

I walked out the door, shivering as I met the explosion of the cold air. Quickly I closed the door, so the bar would stay heated. I sighed and forced myself to deal with how cold it was, like every night.

As I walked away I could still hear the noise from inside the bar. The heat and fun was just so tempting to return to, but I couldn't stand to be in there another minute. I needed something new.

I stopped walking when I passed the town's group board, a place where you could post job openings, or events. It wasn't being used as much as when the town was smaller. It had grown much from the time I had first visited.

What a great time that was...

I backed up and looked at the postings: an old advertisement for the bar, job opening for fisherman, horses for sale. All old postings that had been there for God knows how long.

I nearly walked away when I noticed that there was indeed one more posting. "Fighter and Adventurer wanted - Male only".

If there were three words that would get me excited about a job opening, it would be fighter, wanted, male.

This was the job I was looking for. This was the life I would live next. How long it would last, probably a little while, until... I'm exposed again.

The employer would probably be an idiot anyway, there weren't many smart ones in this town, the reason I chose this town.

I ripped the note off the board and stuffed it in my pocket, i'd read the details in the morning. What was important was finding a place to stay for the night, though I would probably be able to stay at my usual. There weren't any events I knew of that were going on that day.

Nothing I knew of.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
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Ch. 2

Sure enough there was a small, and quite noisy event going on at my usual hangout, the town square. It was more of a circle, but whatever.

I hesitated before entering the area, usually private parties were held hear, but it seemed that this one was open to the public when I wasn't attacked.

I broke down and bought a drink, though I probably could have gotten a free one at the bar I was just at. Quickly I moved to a dark area where I sat down and read the job opening post I had just taken a little while before.

The paper read, "Magician hiring skilled fighter/adventurer. Male only. Meet me fore details". At the bottom of the page it included the person's address.

I nearly threw the paper away. A magician was this fellow? And he really expected to find an employee. I laughed.

Where I lived magicians were looked down upon. Magician's where said to have demons in their soul that gave them magical powers. The more powerful the demon, the more powerful the magician, and also the more poorly was the magician treated.

Almost everyone had a demon inside of them though, but it was only bad if they used the demon's power. Many people in the area were holy people, and if I myself was I didn't know. I wasn't into religion much.

A person like me was also poorly looked at, a former pirate. Not as bad as pirate, but I was one. Though I made sure no one knew that fact.

I took another look at the crumpled paper in my hand and frowned. Was I going to take this job no matter who the employer was? I sighed as I took a swig of my drink.

I heard the crunching of grass and looked up to see a tall man smiling at me, "Enjoying party, kid?" Slightly startled, I smiled and nodded.

He laughed as he joined me, carrying a glass of wine, though he didn't look like the man to drink. Also, who was he calling kid, he probably wasn't much older than me.

"What's that you got there?" He asked, motioning at the paper I held.

"Ah, just some job opening ad," I responded, "Thinking 'bout whether or not I should apply." I shook my head.

"But who be I kiddin'?" I said with a laugh, "I need a job badly, this might just be the job i've been lookin' for." I waved the paper as I spoke.

When I finished speaking he took the paper from my hand and smiled, "Oh? This is the paper I posted on that old board a few weeks back," He laughed and roughly messed up my hair, "Kid, if you've got the guts to work for me, be my guest."

He stood up and smiled, "If you have the time, I could give you more info about the job at my place."

But I have to concentrate on my work.
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I am an Anna! I am a wookie!
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Ooh I gotta get writing o.e
I'll post all the other chapters I have written xD and write more tomorrow
But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 3

When we arrived at the doorsteps of the man's house. I was eager to get inside. It was freazing outside, and I was dying for some warmth.

Now calling this man's house a house was a little bit of an understatement, but it wasn't a mansion. To the left of the doorway was a kitchen, filled with supplies and tools, and to the right was a large living room. Straight ahead was a set of stairs.

He motioned me over to the detailed couch, "Come in, make yourself welcome." He said. He had a very soft, soothing voice.

Shyly, I sat down, anxious to hear exactly what I would be doing for this man.

"First," He said, standing behind the coffee table that was in front of me, "Let me have the pleasure of introducing myself. You can call me Jai."

I smiled, "Ay, nice to meet ya, Jai. They call me Noah." Jai reached over to shake my hand, his short, yet mid-neck lengthed hair fell over his should as he did. It was a beautiful blonde color. I had short black hair.

He also returned the smile and began to speak, "Well, kid, like I said, you've got guts to even think about taking this job." He looked at me and studied my figure, which made me tense up.

Though I was thin, I used to be known as Pirate Captain Thorn, I was small, but was one of the most feared pirates on the seas. No one fears thorns, but they can hurt, so the nickname was good enough.

He shook his thoughts away, "Anyway, I basically need someone to help me do research, but also help me gather items."

Sounded easy enough, I nearly laughed.

"Sounds a wee bit too easy, explain more." I said with a smirk.

He nodded, "For about a year i've been looking for certain stones," He took a stone from his pocket and flipped it around in his hand as he spoke, "This one is the blood stone. I accidently came accross it, and it made me begin my search for the rest."

I studied the stone in his hand, "And what does this stone do?"

Jai threw the stone up in the air and caught it like it was nothing, "I have no idea, but legend is that when they all come together it grants one wish."

Sounded a bit like a fairy tale to me. Was I really going to fall for this joke?

"And how will I be payed?" I asked, pay was the only thing important to me at the moment. I would worry about looking like a lunatic going around picking up rocks later.

"Free room, free meals, five gold pieces a week."


But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 4

After the talk we had he led me up to what would be my room. After a little over a year I was finally going to be living in a room. Though when I entered the room, I was a little dissapointed to see only a small mattress on the floor.

Jai had a confused look on his face, for a moment he didn't speak, "Oh, I see." He held out his hand and whispered sounds I didn't catch, and slowly a dresser, mirror, and night table appeared. The matress turned into a bed.

For a second I was surprised, but quickly wiped the expression off my face, "Nice trick," I complimented, "Seems handy."

Jai nodded and smiled, "Indeed, maybe you yourself can learn a few tricks of mine. Make yourself at home, clothes is already stored in the dresser." And with that he walked away.

He closed the door behind him. Quickly I walked over to see if there was clothing already in the dresser, and as he had said there was. Seeing the sight of men's clothes I sighed with releif, he hadn't mistaked me for a girl. I laughed at the thought.

I ran for the bed and jumped on, flopping around like a fish until I settled. I groaned as I turned to lay on my side. What a sudden change. One moment I was enjoying some beer at a party, homeless. Next thing I know I'm given a job and a place to stay.

I didn't blow out the candle just yet, I still needed to register a few things.

I began to think about what exactly i'd be doing, and how I would find the rocks. Would he be doing research and searching for clues, and i'd go and get them?

Also what was this wish? What could a magician possibly need to wish for?

I sighed as a few more thoughts came to mind, but I was too tired to think clearly. I propped myself up on one arm to blow the candle on the night table out, and fell back down, quickly falling asleep.

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The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 5

I awoke early in the morning, head hurting, and extremely startled and confused until I remembered what had happened. I thought it had been a dream.

Well to this point most of you know me as Noah, used to be a pirate captain, something happened and now i'm poor and homeless.

Did you wonder what happened?

Well, prepare to be shocked. I'm actually a girl, named Naomi.

You probably figured out the rest, but if not, I was found out of being a girl, and had to run away. Town people and even my own crewmates had gone after me once the news had been discovered.

So why go through being a boy again?

I didn't know for sure, I just knew the life of a man was mine, at least it was mine until I was older. Woman didn't get much adventure in the days I lived in. Always wearing poofy dresses, staying at home cleaning and cooking.

Or they had simple, boring jobs, or jobs like being at the bar, always being harassed by men.

He wanted a fighter, he got one.

He wants a male? He doesn't need to know.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 6

I heard a knock on the door, clearing my throat before speaking, "Aye, come in." Jai entered the room, already dressed in his coat, pants and boots. People said I was an underdresser, but even Jai was for the time we lived in. The towns people always looked nice.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes, "Oi, good morning." I greeted, "How be you this day?" I was never usually polite, but new boss, and I was tired, didn't feel like thinking of what to say.

"Good morning Noah, and i'm great, thank you for asking." He gave me a nod, "Just waking you up, you must have had a long day yesterday, it's nearly 11! You've got a long first day ahead of you." He said with a wink.

"Just ask me for when you want breakfast," He said with a wave, and he was out the door. I yawned as I got up, back hurting. I had had a long day yesterday.

Quickly I ran to lock the door and change into clean clothes. I had never had a full wardrobe. And gosh was it confusing.

Most of the clothing was proper, nothing was at all sloppy, which wasn't exactly my style, but it would have to do. I threw on a white shirt and tan slacks, dress shoes, and only took five seconds to brush my short, straight hair.

I ran out the door, I looked down the hallways both ways, it was quite long, and there were many doors. How could he possibly remember them?

I purposely unproperly jumped the steps down by two, into the living room. Yes it was all an act, my bad grammar, my behaviour. Well, at least the grammar.

Jai hadn't even noticed, which made me sigh.

"Why the sigh, my boy?" He said from the kitchen. Oh, he noticed that.

"Ah, I just be takin' in the room. It's quite a change from me last home." I said with a laugh. Jai smiled and nodded, understanding.

"Well, son, come and eat up. We'll be starting soon."

I had a smirk on my face, I was ready.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
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Ch. 7

After eating my meal I followed Jai to a bookcase. And even though I found this odd, I found it even stranger when he took a book out and put it back, triggering the bookcase to slide to the right.

Jai laughed at my expression, and I quickly wiped it clean.

"Well follow me, this is where most of the research will be done," He said walking through the dark, small hallway. Jai actually had to duck to get through, and my head just barely hit the top.

We walked into a room with a higher ceiling, more bookcases, and a bunch of odds and ends scattered around the place. In the middle was a table with a cloth on top.

"Today i'll be teaching you how to help me with my research."

Though my expression didn't drop my heart slightly did. I thought he needed a fighter, not helper.

He chuckled as he sent down and lifted the cloth on the table up, revealing a few stacks of books, and taking on out, "I hope you have brains, boy." I swallowed and nodded. Would it seem odd, with my horrid speech to be smart?

I cleared my throat, "Aye, I should be able to aceist." Jai smiled when I said this and had a confused look on his face.

"Um, a quick question, Noah. Were you once part of a pirate crew?" He asked. My heart skipped a beat, not sure why, but it did. I guess him knowing I was a pirate wouldn't be bad, but if he knew about Pirate Captain "Thorn" he would probably know the bad history.

"Aye, for a year or two, for a no-name crew."

Lies. I was used to lying, but something about this man made me feel uncomforatble lying to him.

He started to explain the book and how it's used. It was huge, and had hundreds of stories in it and research. He commented saying it was fun to read too, so research wouldn't be boring.

In the book, any story that contained a stone he would look into, and showed me the markers he used to save a page.

"And the other books?" I asked.

"Extra research, i've also got a few other books we can look through, I want to go through this one first." He set the book down on the table, five markers stuck out of the book, not including the bookmark.

Jai continued on explaining things, simple, boring. He probably thought I was an idiot. Maybe talking the way I did wasn't such a good idea.

As he talked I focused on the man himself, he was probably three years older than me, and I was seventeen. His long blonde hair hung over one eye, that, if you looked closely, was hiding to scars on his cheek. His short ponytail rested on his shoulder.

I'd be safe probably, he looked like a man, but he did have a girly appearance. Or maybe that was just me, being raised hard and rough as a kid.

He had been kind so far, and his pay was awesome. I was going to enjoy working for him.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
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Ch. 8

Just as he finished explaining, in which I hardly listened, from the main part of the house we heard a knock.

"Excuse me one second," He said, "You may start reading the book if you'd like."

He handed me the big book of stories and quickly walked out of the room. Sighing I opened the book to the main bookmark.

I had loved reading as a child, but fairytales weren't exactly my favorite stories, though I started to read a story, about two children.

Once uppon a time, two children, both of similar ages, were the best of friends. One a young girl, and one a young boy, slightly older. Always, they would play together, until one day they had a fight, and their lives were changed after that.

The two were down by there secret spot, a spring, one that no one knew about. They had been splashing and laughing and having a great time until they settled down and bathed in the warm sun, and started a conversation.

This conversation was one that the two had been certainly interested, and for quite a while too. It all started when the girl one day stated that she had found a green flower, in which the boy had never seen one. The girl would always tell stories about finding the green flowers, but each time, they never found them.

Though today's conversation was slightly different.

The boy started to have an attitude, and mumbled to the girl, "So will we be seeing those green flowers any time soon?" He asked. The girl smiled and nodded, but this made the boy even angrier.

"I should have known all this time that there aren't any green flowers, and even if there were they're probably hard to come by! Each and every time you take me to where you went and they're gone?"

The boy madly shook his head, "Why should I trust you this time?" He said still angry, but sad.

The girl's expression had dropped, and started to look a little upset, "I'm sorry," she said. With this, the boy started to cry and ran home, leaving the girl sad and upset.

For a few years did they not play together, until they were young teens, when the boy invited her to come with him. Smiling he grabbed her hand, and started to run, dragging her along with him.

As they ran in the field the boy suddenly kneeled down, dragging the girl with him. The girl took a closer look in the grass and smiled. They had finally found the green flowers.

"Hmm, interesting..." I said.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 9

I quickly flipped through the book to see how long each story would be, some were short while some took ten pages. Simple enough, and it seemed almost like a children's book, so there weren't any words I didn't understand.

Not like my vocab was all that bad.

A few minutes later I heard the sliding of the book case and foot steps came down the hall, I look up to see Jai in a great mood.

"Noah, come, I must introduce you to some friends of mine. Also some of your co-workers," He said. I sat up and placed the book down on the table and followed him down the hall.

"You get through the book okay?" He asked. I would have laughed if I wasn't purposely talking the way I was, but it was hard being thought of like that. People always thinking I was stupid.

I nodded, "Aye, got through it quite well I must say," I responded. He smiled and gave an approving nod.

We walked into the main living area, where three tall men were. One leaning against the wall, one lounging on the expensive couch, and one sitting comfortably on the coffee table. I could tell their personalities right there.

The bad boy, the easy going one, and the fun one. All were around my age, maybe two years older, and all of them had attractive features. I shook the thoughts out of my head, this was a really bad time to think like a girl.

Jai introduced them all to me, "Boys, meet Noah, my new main assistant." All of them gave me a welcoming nod and smile.

"Noah this here is Ash," He gestured over to the one leaning against the wall, "And Josiah," The one laying on the couch, "And Mateo."

I nodded and waved my hand as a way of saying hi. I kept my face straight, though to be honest I had my eye on Mateo, and hoped I would get to know all three better.

Already in my new job I was having girly thoughts. Though it was definately an adventure I was going to enjoy.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 10 (yay :D)

I stood awkwardly in the middle of the room as Jai talked to Ash and Mateo, Josiah already asleep on the couch.

Jai seemed to notice that I was uncomfortable, and multiple times tried to end his conversation with the two, but they were an entusiastic bunch and kept remembering updates they need to tell Jai. I sighed as I leaned against the back of the couch.

Looking at these men I realized i'd never look like them, broad shoulders, tall and muscular. I looked like a young child though I was pretending to be a seventeen-year-old boy.

When I was actually a seventeen-year-old girl.

Though my girliness was just my thin body type, at least I didn't have feminine hair like Jai, though his swooped hair was very flashy and classy. But he made up for it with is big, strong arms.

I seemed to foget I was a girl sometimes though, always thinking i'd never look like some men, though I really didn't have to be ashamed that I didn't look like them.

I shook my head, angry at myself, Jai seemed to notice this and finally just ended his talk with the two, "I'm sorry boys but I have to get back to researching; Showing Noah here the ropes of it"

They both looked at him with an apologizing and slightly embarrased look, "Of course, sorry to keep you," Mateo said, Ash walking over to Josiah, and slinging him over his shoulder. I was amazed Josiah didn't wake up.

"We'll be leaving then," Ash said, "Have a good one." The three, well two, one being carried, walked out the door, the door creating a loud slam when it closed. The sound echoed in the room.

Again I found myself awkwardly standing in the center of the room.


But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 11

Jai awkwardly laughed, "Sorry about that, they had a few updates with the research," He tilted his head to one side, "Maybe soon we'll go search for one of the stones, they said they had a clue of where one could be."

I smiled and nodded, excited that maybe this job wasn't as boring as it sounded.

Jai's expression lit up, "And that means it would be a good time for a quick lesson." Jai walked over to the secret hallway, motioning me to come with him.

In the room I sat down as Jai stood up, read to teach.

"Today i'll be teaching you a simple spell that you'll be using quite a bit on these adventures, though first I'll be seeing if you have such magic abilities."

I had actually once used a magic spell before, one I had learned very long ago and I probably wouldn't be able to use it today. Though I knew I had a small amount of magic in me I didn't say a word. The less he knew the better.

Jai took a small, dull knife and created a cut on his arm, not very much damage done to the skin.

"Many spells have different versions that contain the four main elements: water, air, fire, and earth. Some are more powerful than others. The easiest one to use is the water healing spell, though it's not as powerful as the others."

He looked at his scar and quickly added, "Though I don't find air element to be at all powerful."

He looked back to me, "So when healing all you have to do is place your hand over the wound, and say the spell. Some magicians are powerful enough to not have to say spells and just think them, only to get more magic power I mumble the spells."

He placed my hand on his arm, "Though for you i'd clearly say spells. So go ahead and try it, gather up any magic you have and say the word 'hydrchrono'."

I looked at my hand, hesitating but finally saying the spell, "hydrchrono." I removed my hand to see that the greedy line had dissapeared, though there was still a bright scar.

Jai patted me on the back, "Not bad, though you'll need some work," He laughed and mumbled, "A lot of work, but i actually wasn't expecting a thing."

I looked at him, fighting the urge to become angry, I was acting to be nothing special. I had to put up with people thinking I was a bobody, nothing to me at all.

"Maybe one day if you are able to use two of the elemental healing spells i'll teach you a simple attack, how does that sound."

I quickly removed my angry thoughts and smiled, he had faith in me, which made me pleased. Jai was a good man.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 12

After a long day of teachings, researching, and just being completely bored out of my mind, I finally stumbled into my room and plopped onto my bed.

I looked over at the door, and as quickly as I had layed down I got back up and sneaked out the door, quickly ran down the stairs, and slipped out the big door to the outside.

The sun had started to go down, I inhaled the fresh air. I had been inside all day. As I started to walk down the path I suddenly heard a voice behind me.

"Where are you going?" Jai said from behind. I nearly tripped from shock and my eyes went wide. He hadn't said it in an angry way, just wondering where I was going. He laughed at the look on my face.

"Just taking a walk?" he ansered for me. I quickly nodded.

"I'm used to being outside," I explained, "Being inside all day I wanted to get outside.

He leaned against the house and smiled, "Well don't stay out too late," I nodded and quickly ran down the path. I felt like visiting my usual hangout, and it was always fun to go at night.

I was running on the side of the road, railing the only thing between me and the orange-purple water. And on the other side of the water was where the rich people lived, but I wasn't going to the houses. I was going to the beach.

When I finally got there I hesitated before sitting down. A group of people weren't far away, all sitting around a fire, talking, laughing, and having a few beers.

They were being awfully noisy too, I was usually fine with a couple people but they weren't ever loud. I sighed as I clenched my hands in the sand, letting it then fall from my hand.

Looking out at the water always brought back the fun memories of being a pirate. The days before I was humiliated and went back to being a girl.

Only to try again living like a man.

I shook my head, I would probably never get over the fact.

After a few minutes I finally snapped back to reality, realizing that the loud voices had gotten even louder.

"You dare ruin our night out?!" An big man yelled, "Get outta' here before we call for help!" I realized just who he was talking to.

Two men, holding swords, and they looked like pirates. The the three began to argue as a woman joined in when one of the pirates pushed the man. Probably the wife.

I stood up and slowly walked over to where they were. I had been a pirate myself, but though my name was bad, I had never stolen from innocent or hurt them.

"You shouldn't do that." I said.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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I looked down, not sure of what I was doing. I slid my hand into my back pocket, grabbing onto my old weapon I used to use.

"Hey!" One of the pirates yelled, pushing their way through the people, "Got a problem?" He asked, grabbing the collar of my shirt.

I looked up at him, my feet slightly off the ground, "Yeah." In an instant I wipped my throwing knife, a sharp dagger attached to thin rope, and slung in at the man, wrapping it around his neck like a snake. I pulled him towards me.

"How about you?" I asked, pulling yet another dagger from my boot and holding it against his face. The man for a second looked nervous but wiped the look off his face.

The family had already run away, leaving me to deal with two large men alone. The other had already drawn his sword, give the second one the idea to pull his out.

Quickly I withdrew, my deadly snake-like weapon creating a greedy mess on his neck. The man stumbled back, but quickly the two came charging after me.

One lunged at me with his sword, I barely dodged it, and swung my dagger at him, slicing his chest, and swinging it again to hit the other in the face.

As they were both looking down I quickly took the chance to run, I wasn't in the mood for killing a person today. I was tired and hungry, I just wanted to get back home.

Though I got a headstart the two still were after me, "Hey! Get back here!" They yelled. Thought the two were big they could run fast, so my only way of escape was to go through a large crowd of people, and luckily at the other beach there were lots of them. Only would I make it there in time?

I did my best to swerve through trees, which I saw they were having trouble doing so, and bought a little time by doing so.

I started to mockingly laugh at the two when I tripped, "Crap!" I moaned, though just as soon I had tripped and sword plunged into the bark of a tree, I was relieve I had fallen.

Quickly I got back up, the beach in plain sight, and quickly started to make my way through the crowd.

"Sorry, sorry, coming through," I said. As people moved things started getting nocked over, an icecream man dropping his product on a customer.

The pirates had already made their way through the crowd, though they wouldn't be able to see me when I hid behind two chairs, shushing the two who occupied them.

"Gosh darn it, where'd the wee fish go?" The one asked. The other scratched his head.

"I dunno."

I couldn't help but laugh at the stupidity of the two, and finally they made their way through the crowd again, only to be caught by the event security. Reminding me to slip my weapons back into their places.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 14

Finally when I had gotten back home, I stood outside the large door. I probably looked like a mess, hot and sweaty.

I was just about to open the door when again suddenly I heard Jai from behind, "A little late, and you look like a mess boy. Did you go on a long adventure as you were gone?" I looked at him and shook my head.

"Nah, just went a little ways," I answered. He laughed as he opened the door for me.

"Well be sure to save up your energy for our searches," He said as we both entered, "Go shower up and get some sleep, another day of work tomorrow."

"Aye," I answered, and quickly ran upstairs and into my room. My room was connected to a bathroom, which I was very pleased with. I started to get my stuff together, everything I needed was there.

The shower felt amazing, the cool water hitting my hot, dry skin. I took a long one, and finally forced myself out, quickly getting dressed because the air became cold.

I walked out into my room, the lamp lit up the dim room, though the shadows gave it a welcoming feel. It was a simple room, but I hadn't been in such a nice place for a while, and was thankful for it.

A knock at the door startled me, I quickly answered, "Aye, come in."

Jai opened the door but stood at the doorway, his hair wet and down and dressed in a red robe.

"Just out of curiosity, where did you go that made you so tired?" He asked with a laugh. He seemed to be quite nosy that day, mysteriously appearing out of no where.

"Ah, I headed to the 'ol beach," I said, "Quite a few people there too." I added. He smiled and nodded.

"Seems like a nice place to go in the evenings," He turned around, "Well I don't want to keep you from your sleep." Though I knew he wasn't finished I quickly asked him a question that I myself had.

"How did you appear out of nowhere those two times today?" I asked.

For a second he seemed confused but then he smiled, still turned away the shadows made his face look almost evil, "I am able to teleport." He finally said.

Surprised, I didn't say more. He said goodnight and closed the door, and quickly and got into bed. I could feel how tired I was, my eyes heavy, my arms tired, and my vision wasn't as sharp.

I wasn't out of shape, but I thought I could do better than that.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 15

The next few days went basically the same, and got absolutely boring. Jai finally noticed it one morning as I sat down and sighed, today not looking at a research book but a spell book.

"Want to give magic another go?" he asked. I took a second to finish reading a paragraph and quickly looked up and nodded. He smiled as he brought out a box from his pocked and placed it on the table.

Again he took a dull knife and made a small scar on his arm, "You remember the spell right?"

I thought for a second and nodded, "Aye, I remember it quite clearly." I reached my hand over to his arm, my fingertips lightly touching it, as I said the spell.

"Hydrchrono," I said, and lifted my hand from his arm. The scar was completely gone this time, I smiled pleased.

Jai patted me on the back, "Splendid job," he said, "I'll teach you the next element tomorrow." He looked around the room and sighed as I began reading the spell book again. Something about generating heat, not so much for fighting but for making a fire or cooking.

"Well," he said, startling me from my reading, "There isn't much to do today," chuckling, "Why don't you get outside, since you've been inside for these past few days."

"Y-you sure?" I stuttered.

He nodded, "Yeah, take a break and go out and do something."

"Alright, i'll be back soon then."

I walked down the hallway and quickly ran to and out the door. Being cooped up in the house made me nervous. It was great to be in the sun because inside was really cold for some reason.

"Ah and something I forgot to tell you," Jai said suddenly from behind, not expecting it I yelped and quickly turned to look at him.

"Oi, i'd wish ya wouldn't do that," I mumbled.

He laughed, already turning around, "Just wanted to let you know we'll be going on a search soon, so be sure to get some exercise in today."

As quickly I became mad I became gleeful, "Aye! I will!"

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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Ch. 16

Finally I was out of that stuffy house, I really missed the fresh air.

I wasn't sure where to go. It was a sunny day with no breeze at all. A great day to go the beach, but I wanted to stay in the main part of town.

That day seemed to be busy too, merchants lined the streets and there where many performers around. Maybe a small event?

A tall man laughing and walking all over the place handed me icecream, I almost dropped it, as he continued to hand more out to others. I hated strawberry, but as I ate it I looked around for any banners that could gie me a sign of what was going on.

Sadly all I saw where banners of company names.

I checked what some stalls had, and even looked at one that sold beautiful dresses. I quickly walked away when I realized what I was doing.

Feeling a little trapped I finally broke away from the crowd and decided to go to the center of town, my usual hangout. I sighed as I sat down, back against one of the building walls. I always loved to sit in the shade here.

"Hmm, this is how you spend your days?" A voice asked.

No this actually was not how I spent my days, but I wasn't one to be fooled. Being let out was a test. I knew I was being followed the whole time.

"Aye," I casually said.

"A little boring I must say," Jai said. He leaned against the tall oak I sat besides.

"What did ya expect?" I asked. Back when I worked at the bar I would spend my days at the town circle, though many more of those days I would spend in a field to the west side of town.

"Well not to be rude," He started, tilting his head, "You do kinda look a little raggy, and how you talk, I would expect you to steal items from the event."

Bingo, reason he let me go today. I was a lot smarter than how I appeared to be, smarter than most people.

I shook my head, "How I talk be only habit, mate." I winked at him.

"There be a time when I was from a rich family, well educated, always proper," I sighed and looked up, the sky peeking through the tree leaves, "I ran away, and a pirate became I."

"A runaway you are now?" I nodded, and he smiled, "Same here." He stood up straight and walked a few feet away.

He turned to look at me, "Do you happen to have a ship?" He asked.

"Nay," I smiled deviously, "Though that'd be one thing i'd be stealin' in my days."

Jai smiled and laughed, and in a split second he dissapeared.

Kinda creepy how I now had to watch out for being followed. This job was like a jail. Odd, though, how it was one that gave me freedom.

Freedom that was controlled?

Not what I was looking for I must say.

But I have to concentrate on my work.
I carry scissors in one hand.
The scissors are now painted red.
The more you sharpen it, the better it cuts.
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